In just one four-hour seminar, you can discover your inner strength, power and confidence. Journey with us through the fire, and you’ll discover an exhilarating world where anything is possible. You will be guided through overcoming your fears, building your inner strength and finally, after a calm and confident walk across the red-hot coals, claiming the life of your dreams on the other side!

You will profoundly understand that you can do anything you want.

Just as the name suggests,

Firewalking involves walking the fire.
(coals that are in excess of 1000 degrees)

Firewalking can help individuals learn to face their problems head-on and become inspired to go after anything they desire. Firewalking is something many people would never think about doing, the mention of it can create fear. However, by adjusting your mindset and having the belief that you can do it, walking the fire can change your life in a heartbeat.

When you stand at the end of the fire lane, excited, thrilled and amazed, then you realize you have not burnt your feet.

You question yourself, I can walk the fire so what am I truly capable of...


Our Firewalk is designed to to show you that anything is possible, that everything is possible if you truly want it. 

It’s all about raising one’s conscious, awareness, self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

Isn’t everything impossible until somebody does it!

A person is encouraged to walk a path that is covered with hot coals, a complete walk is done without running or walking fast. People who have done it will tell you even though they may have felt intense heat beneath their feet, they had absolutely no burns.

Cassandra: " People always ask to see my feet... I have walked several hundred times and I have barely even had a kiss from the Fire. Every time I have walked the fire I have found my feet to feel like icicles. I show people my feet all the time I really do have baby soft feet with lovely polished nails..."

Firewalking Events can be done in a multitude of spaces other than our Home Space in Wpg Beach including your business, cottage, camp ground or home

( additional fee for permit may be required )

I Own Me

Board Break & Firewalk

Price $80.00

includes Drinks & Snacks

April - Oct 2020

Firewalkers Canada open and close of season 

Home Fires Burning, It's A Party!

A Fun Night of Fire Walking, 

Social Interaction & Music

Firewalk under the spring, summer and fall moons. 

Refreshments Provided

Everyone $50.00 per person


Season Opener April 4, 2020

Sacred Fire, Sharing Circle

A Night of Fire, Reflection &

Sharing Our Stories


Everyone Seminar - $50.00 per person

A night under the stars, around a blazing spiritual fire in sacred space, sharing our personal stories, with an empowering walk at the end.

Treats & Drinks Included

Season Close Oct 2020

Videos of Our Firewalking Coming Soon!

Oprah walks on Fire at Tony Robbins Event

Firewalking in Ancient History

Firewalking, an ancient practice, is considered a wonderful example of the mind-body connection at work and a means of demonstrating that we do have control over our limitations. Firewalking has apparently been practiced for centuries by shamans, priests, and ordinary folks as a religious ritual and a healing ceremony.

Prehistoric cultures all over the world have practiced the ancient art of firewalking and fire dancing rituals. Though no one really knows how old firewalking is or where it began, the earliest known reference to firewalking dates back to 1,200 B.C. The oldest recorded firewalk was over 4,000 years ago in India. Two Brahmin priests were competing to see who could walk further, and this feat was documented in the historical records at that time.

Romans were exempted from paying taxes if they could demonstrate their ability to walk on fire without burning. Kung Bushmen in Africa used fire dance as a powerful healing ritual for their tribe. Their ceremony not only included firewalking, but also rolling on the fire. In Bali, fire dancing is the coming-of-age ritual for seven-year-old girls. The Greek Anastenarides danced on hot coals for hours to honor Saint Constantine and Saint Helen. In Hawaii, there is an indigenous tradition of letting molten lava harden just enough to hold one's weight before walking on it barefoot. Kahuna's also walked on hot rocks to show visitors their "magic." Some tribes in Pakistan used a "justice system" wherein the accused is asked to firewalk. If the accused walks unharmed, they are deemed innocent—otherwise, guilty.

Fire immunity and firewalking rituals have been practiced in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Bumra, China, Egypt, Fiji, Greece, Haiti, Hawaii, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tibet, and Trinidad.

There is even reference to firewalking in the Bible: "When thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned." - Isaiah 43:2 

All of these ancient people and cultures have turned their reverence of fire into ceremonies and rituals to enhance their well-being and communities, understanding that the benefits of firewalking clearly outweigh the risks. Throughout the ages and across the globe, people of innumerable cultures and traditions have been walking on fire. They have walked in community and walked alone. They have walked in silence and walked in an explosion of drums and dance. It took the initiative of a single man to bring firewalking to the modern world.

Firewalking in Recent History

Firewalking remained obscure and mysterious until 1977 when a radical shift occurred in the evolution of firewalking. Scientific American printed an article that essentially offered the reading public a "how to" guide to firewalking. In the same year of the article's publishing, Tolly Burkan was taught by a friend how to firewalk. Already a public speaker, hosting seminars as a process for expanding awareness, and overcoming fear and limiting beliefs, Burkan recognized that no one was teaching this empowering movement to the public and decided to employ the practice of firewalking into his programs on a smaller scale—ushering in and fathering the firewalking training movement with Peggy Dylan. 

Changing of the Guard - Horton, 2006 - Today

In the spring of 2006, Charles Horton obtained certification from F.I.R.E. Horton, being a very successful entrepreneur as well as a top-rated public speaking with 15 years of experience conducting corporate seminars, had a vision and burning desire to take firewalking to new heights and new countries. Horton was working toward his own Master Firewalking Instructor Certification and found there was no formal or standardized training. At that time, Master Instructor status was achieved merely by referring three instructor trainees or paying an equivalent amount. Horton took action to make his vision a reality.

In April 2008, Burkan and Horton agreed that the international hub of the firewalking movement needed a central location close to an international airport. They decided the new location would be near Dallas, Texas—Horton's estate, complete with a state-of-the-art seminar facility, has been serving as the official home of the international firewalking movement and the Firewalking Institute of Research and Design headquarters. Negotiations ensued and ultimately ownership of the institute changed hands from Burkan's to Horton's.

Horton continues to pursue his vision of F.I.R.E. Certified Master Instructors in every corner of the world with thousands of instructors teaching this empowerment method. With the assistance of his esteemed Master Instructors, Horton's direction has taken F.I.R.E. certification programs to their current iteration. This combined focus has refined procedures to create an unparalleled standard for participant safety as well as create the most comprehensive instructor manual of its kind. F.I.R.E. has since developed the superlative Master Instructor Certification Program which is a notably rigorous undertaking requiring specific advance-level training and extensive seminar facilitation experience.

The magic of firewalking and the discipline of rock-solid business leadership have taken shape in the form of a worldwide firewalking certification network. Horton's vision of the future for firewalking has come a long way. F.I.R.E. now regularly conducts courses in North America, Europe, and Africa.

Since the article in Scientific American in 1977, more than three million people have walked on glowing coals.

Never before in history has firewalking been practiced so often and by so many.

Find your fire and do whatever it is that wakes you up, whatever it is that makes you feel alive. Do what inspires you, what moves you, what makes your heart race. Do the things that ignite passion into your bones. Chase your dreams, follow your heart, capture the moments that take your breath away. Do not settle for mediocrity, you have a fire in your soul and a burning in your heart. Do not let fear, convenience or comfort put out those flames.

Hold onto what lights you up — what sets your soul on fire. Let go of what harms you and blind them with your light. You are capable and deserving of magic, of love, of the extraordinary — you just have to believe it. Discover what sets a spark in you, follow its flames and light a fire so big that nothing can extinguish it — there is enough fire inside you to burn brighter than the sun.

"Just Breathe"

Cassandra Enns-Bullied

Self-Love, Life & Relationship Coach

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