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Firewalker's Canada


is a long awaited collaboration between this Down to Earth Husband & Spirited Wife

Dale Bullied:  Martial Artist - Empowerment Coach - Firewalk Instructor

Cassandra​ Enns-Bullied CHT:  Hypnotherapist - Talk Therapy - Self-Love, Life & Relationship Coach

Dale Bullied

Certified Firewalking Instructor

Certified Life Coach

Certified Group Empowerment Coach

Martial Arts Instructor

Saber Dueler Coach

Weapons Creator

Dale is always creating, working with his hands and building what's in his mind, Dale has created or Replicated many weapons for martial arts & has been giving certification from Japan to manufacture MSR Weapons as well as he created a new weapon for the art.

Dale has built pedal cars for his MS Bike Team Carmen's Cruizers as well as a couple bikes for those with special needs. Dale loves to create & be apart of teams.


Dale has Coached many sports over the last 30 years, including Ringette, Baseball, Bowling, as well as he became an Instructor for Martial Arts

Meifu Shinkage Ryu & Ninja Turtles

(mIxed Martial Arts - Obstacle Course).


He has studied numerous Martial Arts over the last

40 years including Sikaran Arnis, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, Karate & Meifu Shinkage Ryu  

Dale is excited to add Firewalking Empowerment to his arsonal of gifts to share with his students and clients.

Dale is loyal, honest, honorable, he has an unique & fun approach to teaching, while still upholding tradition, honor, respect & discipline... 

Dale also holds a full time job, is seen at every event, sport & recital that his kids or grandkids are in.

As well as supports his wife with every crazy idea she comes up with, Dale is always found right by her side.

Cassandra Enns-Bullied CHT

Self-Love , Life & Relationship Coach

Certified Firewalking Instructor

Certified Life Coach & Relationship Coach

Certified Women's Empowerment Coach

Certified Group Empowerment Facilitator

Certified Hypnotherapist CHT

Direct, honest, and unapologetic, Cassandra will show you how to release the layers of expectations to finally see yourself for the empowered, perceptive, authentic Person you really are.

Cassandra is trained in sacred leadership, one on one and group facilitation, to empower people to transform and grow.

Cassandra's teachings help to illuminate the hidden places within you, old fears, unhealthy patterns, past loves, broken  childhood and helps you remove your limitations and struggles, to reveal the Amazing Person within.

Wall of Knowledge Certifications

Firewalking & Glasswalking Facilitator

Warrior Goddess Facilitator

Women's Empowerment Facilitator


Time Line Therapy, NLP training

Experiential Tourism Certificate,

Essential Skills Effective Communication,

Life Coach

Relationship Coach

Group Coach

Other Teachings/Positions

1st Chair RM Woodlands Community Development Corporation 2016-2018

Sits on Many Volunteer Boards.

Past Life Regression Therapist

"Melody Crystal Healer" Love Is In The Earth©

Master in Usui & Karuna Reiki

Certified Aromatherapist

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Our Life


A Little More:

Cassandra & Dale met, fell in love, April 1 1991, yes April Fools Day and have been on an amazing journey ever since, they have 4 beautifully gifted almost all grown children & 4 precious grandbabies, their greatest love is watching their children & grandchildren grow and mature seeing all they will become.

 Cassandra's familiars Hansel and Gretel, her Elkhound Keisha as well as many other creatures that inhabit their family home bring great love, joy & comfort to all who visit, they seem to show up when you're feeling down or need a little support…

Cassandra loves her kids and grandbabies more than anything spending time with them is her greatest joy... movies, snuggles and playing hooky from school are her favorite days.

She loves to sit with a cup of coffee and talk the day away with her friends, family or clients while enjoying all the lovely peacocks, pot bellied pigs, donkeys & ducks, that they share with her parents, their hobby farm and beautiful acreage just outside Gimli. 


Certified Event Planner & Promoter

Tori is our Event Gal,

she helps plan out the meals, music & decor for our Large Seminars.

Tori also helps on the day with registrations and waivers and making sure everyone's needs are looked after.


Mother of 3 wonderful kids, this gal is always on the go. Running her daughter to cheer and her son the goalie to hockey while chasing a toddler... she is best mother, wife, big sister & aunt a family could have.

She is the heart of our family, she just gives and gives and gives.


Fire Keeper Canada Only

New Husband and Father of a little girl. He is a fun loving guy who has no fear, is willing to give anything a go, well almost anything.

He is a kindhearted guy, having been surrounded by his 3 sisters.

He is our farm boy, cattle, tractors and crops... Farm Life, Living Off The Land.


The Twins

Sierra & Darrien

Sierra & Darrien will help you fill out paperwork, answer your basic questions, do many behind the scene stuff that allow Cassandra & Dale the ability to run their seminars & events. 

The Twins are here to assist and help where they are needed.


is a Youth Leader in the RM Woodlands Community Development Corporation, she is studying American Sign Language, loves basketball, 5 pin bowling & animals.

Darrien volunteers wherever she can, she babysits for extra money & has a true love for kids especially little boys think she is the bomb, true tomboy... In college to be a Vet Tech.


is a fun loving gal who loves color, she studies Martial Arts & coaches gymnastics. Sierra has studied dance, musical theatre & is a junior instructor for Ninja Turtles Class.

Sierra volunteers wherever she can & has a passion for arts in all its forms... Working while finding her passion.

Our  Beautiful Children

"Just Breathe"

Cassandra Enns-Bullied

Self-Love, Life & Relationship Coach

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