Seminar with Otsuka Yasuyuki, the Grandmaster from Japan

Meifu Shinkage Ryu focuses on

bo-shuriken (棒手裏剣, spike/stick throwing blades),

fundo-kusari (分銅鎖, weighted chain),

shoken (掌剣), hand held blades,

and other kakushi-buki (隠し武器, hidden weapons)

as well as kenjutsu (剣術, sword technique).

This modern martial art focuses on the effective use of these weapons as used by the ancient Japanese Ninja and Samurai warriors. Come be a part of this rare opportunity to witness and learn these ancient skills with Otsuka Yasuyuki, the Grandmaster (宗家, or soke) Meifu Shinkage Ryu.

August 31 + Sept 1 

Whitelion Dojo - Gimli Manitoba

It was an incredible event with 17 people in attendance, it was the largest event in Canada for MSR!!!

It was wonderful to see the different ages, skills and tests done, I am sure the event will be held again in a couple years...


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